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Outback Steak House   
Everett, WA

JKW    Senior (50+)

"Not crowded for a Saturday night. Noise was low. Lighting was low. Easy to get into booth. Handicapped parking not close"

Saltys in Alki   
Seattle, WA

CEB    Friend/family of Senior

"Sunday Buffet. Valet parking but stairs to climb. Excellent food and service but very pricey and no options for less than full buffet. View is fantastic. Celebrated a relatives 70th birthday"

Lillys Garden   
Everett, WA

Joe M    Senior (50+)

"Had lunch. Very quiet. Poor handicap parking. Good Chinese food for the price. Menu and Service were good."

The Scotsman Bistro   
Mukilteo, WA

JU    Senior (50+)

"Excellent food and service. Small which is a problem because it is popular on weekends. Also concrete floors make it noisy. No senior discounts. Minimal entrees but everything is excellent"

Spaghetti Factory   
Tacoma, WA

CB and JR    Senior (50+)

"Excellent portions and ambiance. Service was good. No senior discounts. A lot of background noise. Parking on main busy street."

Woodfire Grill   
Everett, WA

LL    Senior (50+)

"Special sunset package dinner. No Senior discounts. Food and view are excellent. Best views require walk down steps. Can be noisy. Menu easy to read."

The Waterway   
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Chuck    Senior (50+)

"Located in Hilton Hotel. Food was good. Many seniors were there to leave on a cruise the next day. No senior discounts. Service was poor and lighting in evening is poor. View is incredible of expensive yachts."

Pacific Beach Seabrook, WA

CB and JR    Friend/family of Senior

"Little noisy because of concrete floor and steel chairs but food is excellent!! Lighting and access are good for seniors"

Ocean Crest   
Moclips, WA

CB and JR    Senior (50+)

"Food and service are spectacular. When weather is right, so is the sunset and ocean view. No senior discounts but all in all a hidden jewel!!!"

Amici Bistro   
Mukilteo, WA

CB    Senior (50+)

"First of all the quality of the food is excellent although a little pricey. Server was actually rude. I asked for separate checks and she was distraught when I wanted mine rung up separately. They also did not supply bread when running low, etc. She forgot several requests. Just was not a good feeling especially at that price,"
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